1. How much is the tuition?
Tuition for the 2019-2020 school year is $27,000. However, all of our accepted families receive financial aid, according to their need. Once an offer of admission is made, parents will be informed regarding the steps in the financial aid process.

2. What is included in the tuition?
See the
Tuition and Financial Aid page for more information.

3. What happens after the fifth grade?
The mission of our school is to prepare our students to gain access to superior academic opportunities. In the spring of their fourth grade year, we begin the placement process. Each family will be assigned an advisor who will work closely with each parent to select and apply to compatible middle schools. We offer independent school test preparation and small workshops to address all aspects of the placement process. See the Independent School Placement
page for a list of schools to which our graduates have earned admission and scholarships.

4. Is there transportation?
Yes, students who are Stamford residents are eligible for bus transportation.

5. Is there an age cutoff?
Yes,there is:

  • Applicants to the Junior Kindergarten must turn five by December 31st of the year of enrollment
  • Applicants to Kindergarten must turn five by July 1st of the year of enrollment.
  • For applicants to grades 1-4, the age cutoff is also July 1st of the year of enrollment.

6. Is there an after school program?
The School offers an afternoon childcare program from 4:00 - 5:30pm every day. There is a fee of $7.00/day that is not included in the tuition.

7. Do we offer instruction of a second language?
No, we do not offer a second language.