Independent School Placement Process

At Waterside students gather the necessary skills, understanding and knowledge expected to succeed one year after another. The culmination of the Waterside experience ends in 5th grade when students and parents prepare for their inevitable departure. Although preparation for the future begins in the classroom, Waterside School's Placement Office introduces individual families to educational opportunities that exist beyond 770 Pacific Street. For some, this is an exciting moment, and for others it means leaving the only school they have ever known.

Beginning in the summer of 5th grade, the Placement Office begins to meet with individual families to set the wheels in motion. From September to October several workshops are conducted; focusing on topics such as: time management, financial aid, and interviews. Later in the year, time is set aside to help parents understand and manage school decisions, and transitions.

Simultaneously, students are learning about the application process as well. Together with their parents, students are deciding on a group of schools by identifying the areas that are most important to them. In addition to their day to day work, students are learning how to budget their time between revisions of student statements, preparation for their entrance exam, interviews, and more!

Along this time sensitive path, the Placement Office works directly with parents, students and classroom teachers to understand the strengths and weaknesses of every child. In doing so a profile is created that helps generate a list of schools that are considered the best fit and will ensure success in and out of the classroom.

It is an exciting time for our 5th Grade students and we look forward to working with parents on their behalf. There are bound to be questions. Please find comfort in knowing that we are happy to guide parents and students along the way. Here's to much success in 2019-20!