Waterside Placement Timeline

June – August

  • Begin to think about schools to be considered for the 18-19 school year
  • Contact admission offices for application and supplemental material
  • Work on drafts of both parent and student essay samples
  • Complete Placement Questionnaire
  • Schedule Placement Advisor Conferences
September & October
  • Complete Parental Release Form
  • Register for ISEE examination
  • Attend Individual Placement Conference - List of schools for consideration (Finalized)
  • First Draft of Student Statements & Essays (Sept)
  • First Draft of Parent Statements (Sept)
  • In possession of all admission materials from schools being considered
  • Preliminary Applications Due
  • Schedule Open Houses and important visit days
  • Attend the Fairchester Independent School Diversity Fair
  • Begin to schedule interviews and school visits
  • Attend arranged school visits
  • Final Draft of Student Statements & Essays (Oct)
  • Final Draft of Parent Statements (Oct)

November & December

  • Extra-curricular Recommendations are due
  • Submit applications & preliminary applications to all schools
  • Schedule Individual Placement Conference
  • Contact schools to set up interviews and tours
  • Students take the ISEE

January & February

  • Mid year reports & writing samples submitted
  • Families are notified by schools
  • Financial Aid documents due
  • School decisions and notification

March & April

  • Contract deadlines for admitting schools
  • Communicate with schools family decisions
  • Prepare for transition
  • Send Placement Survey