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On Friday, June 15, Waterside School held its most special event of the year: "Stepping Up and Graduation." Students from all classes were officially promoted to the next grade level, and nineteen fifth graders and three early-admission fourth graders represented Waterside's thirteenth graduating class.

In keeping with school tradition, awards were presented throughout the ceremony, including medals to acknowledge students who were "Homework Shining Stars" this year. Alanna Watson also received a faculty citation- a rare award that acknowledges her work ethic, academic growth, and strong character. Latanielle Augustin won Waterside's most distinguished award- The "Kruger Cup," which recognizes a graduate who embodies the school's commitment to academic achievement and character development.

Additionally, Parent Council President Seydis Acosta presented the school with a check for $40,000, all of which came from fundraisers led by Waterside families. The fifth grade graduates then reflected upon their time at Waterside, emphasizing their goal to "Wear the Waterside W" with pride, and represent their families, teachers, and friends of the school wherever they may go. The students thanked Mr. Kruger and Mr. Edwards for their vision, and gave a special thank you to their Head of School, Ms. Visage. In keeping with the school's daily commitment blessing, the graduates concluded their reflection by promising to, "Work hard, Be Kind, and Respect Learning. "

In addition to the graduates' reflections, Cheryl Plummer, Director of Enrollment and Financial Aid at Greenwich Country Day School, gave an inspiring commencement address. Ms. Plummer urged the graduates to stay true to themselves and remember their roots as they go on to their next schools. This fall, Waterside's class of 2018 will matriculate at the finest independent schools in the area, all with scholarships. Still, it was clear from the graduates' thoughtful reflections that they will always be thankful for the support and foundation that Waterside has given them.

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On Wednesday, June 13, the Waterside Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes participated in their annual "Stepping Up" ceremony. Teachers from both classes spoke to their students, remarking on how hard the children had worked all year, and how they already were beginning to emerge as young leaders within the Waterside community. Each class also sang songs they had written for the occasion. The celebration was made all the more special by the older students singing a Waterside favorite, "Watch As We Walk On Our Way," as their younger peers walked out of the gym. The families' pride in their children was palpable; it was a truly joyful occasion.

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On Saturday, June 9 Waterside held its third annual Alumni BBQ. Over a hundred Waterside graduates ranging from rising sixth graders to college students returned to Waterside School to reconnect, eat together, and share stories from the school year. In keeping with Waterside's mission to provide access and superior academic opportunities, many of the high school alumni shared exciting summer plans, from service trips abroad to internships to educational enrichment programs. The joy and energy in the room was palpable; it was clear that the alumni and their families were happy and proud to be "coming home."

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On Friday, June 8, Waterside School hosted its annual Art Night- a celebration of the students' artwork over the course of the year. Families spent the evening viewing their children's artwork, and several accomplished artists shared their crafts and talents with the school community.

As always, the evening was an awe-inspiring showcase of visual arts at Waterside. Art teachers Sue Armero and Eliza Kruger spent days transforming the hallways of Waterside into a gallery of student artwork. From pottery to sculptures to quilling to collages to work with Photoshop, the variety and complexity of the students' work continues to evolve each year.

In addition to viewing the community's artwork, students had the opportunity to participate in several workshops. Students made headbands, experimented with tie-dye and spin art, and created masterpieces at the Makers Space, in addition to several other workshops. The students and families were engaged in the type of experiential learning that Ms. Armero and Ms. Kruger offer on a daily basis. An integral part of the end of year festivities, Art Night demonstrated the talents, creativity, and genuine love of the Waterside community.

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On Wednesday, June 6, Waterside hosted its annual STEAM Fair- a celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Rather than competing for a grand prize, this year small groups of third, fourth and fifth students worked together to create interactive exhibits. The younger students then attended the STEAM Fair, where they had an opportunity to learn from their older peers through various hands-on experiments. Projects ranged from creating slime to constructing lava lamps to exploring water filters and watching a "storm in a jar," just to name a few. While all of the projects were impressive, what stood out most this year was how the older students not only worked together to create an innovative exhibit, but also how they used their acquired knowledge to engage the younger students. It was a wonderful day for the entire Waterside community.

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