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On Saturday, April 6, Waterside School welcomed back eighth grade through eleventh grade students for its annual Roadmap to College. Led by Waterside faculty and college counselors from local independent schools, the program provided Waterside alumni and their families with workshops to prepare them for the college application process. The morning included a workshop on financial aid as well as a step-by-step guide to applying and getting into college. Andres Soto- a member of Waterside's first graduating class of 2006- kicked off the program with a powerful keynote presentation entitled "Connecting the Dots," which focused on helping alumni create habits that enable success. The event laid the groundwork for College Boot Camp, a weeklong program in June designed for rising juniors and seniors. In keeping with the school's mission to help students gain access to superior academic opportunities, Roadmap to College is just one of the many ways Waterside seeks to level the playing field, both for its students as well as for its alumni.

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On Friday, April 5, Waterside's third, fourth, and fifth grade students participated in the second annual STEAM fair. Small groups of students worked together to research various topics and create hands-on activities to demonstrate their newfound knowledge. The groups presented their activities throughout the dining hall and gym; each of the stations incorporated elements of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math). The younger students in grades Junior K through third grade had the opportunity to try each of the activities; projects ranged from homemade natural lip-gloss to creating tie-dye bandanas. The dialogue, inquiry and critical thinking that took place leading up to and during the STEAM Fair reflected the sense of wonder and curiosity that characterizes Waterside students.

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For the 5th annual "Acoustic Night," our school's gymnasium was transformed into the "Waterside Cafe," complete with cafe tables and soulful artwork. The evening's main event was an 8 song program put together by our 4th and 5th graders, complimented by instrumentals and thoughtful song introductions.

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On Wednesday, January 23, Waterside School honored the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior with its annual school-wide assembly. The second grade class presented a spoken timeline of Dr. King's life and achievements, and all grades took to the stage to share their own tribute with the school. The entire community then joined together to sing Stevie Wonder's iconic song, "Happy Birthday." The students learned that this jubilant song was written to lobby for Dr. King's birthday to be an American national holiday; throughout the assembly, the students shared their extensive knowledge of Dr. King and other influential Civil Rights leaders.

The presentation culminated with a video of Waterside students and alumni sharing their dreams for the future. One student explained: "Dr. King taught us that no dream is too big or too small...and because of that, we will continue to dream."

The video emphasized that- in every way- the dream still lives. Indeed, Dr. King's fight for equality and his fierce desire for justice have made the dream of Waterside School a reality.

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On Friday, January 18, Waterside was treated to some powerful gospel music from the Gospel Knights of Concordia College. With the help of some Waterside fifth graders, the Gospel Knights performed songs that had all students, teachers, and parents in attendance clapping, singing along, and celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King's upcoming birthday.

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