Revisiting our Roots

On Tuesday, August 23, our faculty and staff were given the opportunity to learn more about our School’s history and early beginnings. Founded in 2001, Waterside originally resided at 535 Fairfield Avenue in a little building with a small group of people who had big dreams. 

Until 2011, Waterside was made up of varied classroom sizes and a “grand” hall that was used as a gathering space, a stage, a cafeteria, a theater, and a gym. There was minimal natural light throughout the main building. Fourth and fifth grade students had to walk down the street to an off-campus building known as Barry Place.

Three of our alumni––now working as faculty and staff––shared their experiences and all agreed that attending Waterside at its original location never felt small nor cramped despite the untraditional layouts. It was an honor and privilege to enter the make-shift elementary school that was once Waterside because the community built on those grounds was so special and that feeling continues to live throughout the halls of our current facility. 

Now starting our 22nd year, Waterside has achieved milestones by having the courage to dream big. The experience of learning how our community has grown and prospered since 2001 was incredibly emotional and an inspiration for all our faculty and staff. 

The words of Head of School Jamel Keels summarized the emotions of the day perfectly. In just ten years, “we were in our new location and had the opportunity to not just move in, but to create a space that our students and families deserve…A reward is seen and we will continue to carry the vision and mission of the School with our fullest and finest efforts.”