Today, we promise to work hard, be kind, and respect learning.
That phrase, recited by every child every morning, speaks to the heart of the School.

The School is known for its rigorous program of study, but it has redefined what rigor means, blending hard work with joy; effort with curiosity; purpose with laughter; and discipline with discovery.

The School’s teachers work to meet the needs of all learners through differentiated instruction and through research-based curriculum and methods. Small class size and a personalized approach ensure each child discovers their own self, their own pace and their own path to success.

The School’s greatest hope is to develop empathetic, inquisitive, and respectful individuals and to blend the requisite lessons of the classroom with the essential and lasting lessons of character. The want – to graduate young persons who will always wear the W with both purpose and pride.

In their own words, “Wearing the W” means:

• Committing to give all you have to yourself, your family, and your community (Liz Duennebier, 5th grade teacher)

• Knowing and appreciating your own worth (Naomi Parker, 5th Grade)

• Being proud of who you are and where you come from (McKenna Dolor, 3rd Grade)

• Learning as much as you can (Samuel Charles, 1st Grade)

• Being brave and doing hard stuff (Jaden Peña, Junior Kindergarten)


The School’s program and underlying philosophy rest on a set of pillars. Prominent among them are the following:

The School understands the importance of every family’s commitment and of the partnership between family and school. That collaboration is not just encouraged – it is required.
The School understands that the truest measure of a child is to be found in their depth of spirit and their strength of character – honesty, kindness, respect, compassion, courage are the true working ideals of the School.
The School celebrates differences and diversity, accepting that anti-bias education is a necessary commitment for children living in a diverse, yet still inequitable world.
The School believes in the import of social emotional learning being woven into the fabric of the School. Toward this end, the School utilizes an evidence-based approach to social and emotional learning (RULER) developed by Yale’s Center for Emotional Intelligence focusing on:

Recognizing emotions in one’s self and others.
Understanding the causes and consequences of emotions.
Labeling emotions accurately.
Expressing emotions appropriately.
Regulating emotions effectively.
The School accepts that the truest measure of its efforts will always be found in the life outcomes of those it is proud to serve. The School’s investment in its graduates to, through and beyond college and onto career is a defining hallmark of the School’s commitment and success.