Graduate Programing and Support

The Waterside Alumni Support Program was established to monitor, assess and nurture the academic and social progress of each student from his/her graduation from Waterside School through college graduation. The path from Waterside graduation to college graduation is undoubtedly long and full of challenges, but the support, connections, and programming from the School aim to make that dream far more reachable.


Alumni Support Program Goals

• Support the academic achievement of Waterside alumni culminating in their graduation from college
• Nurture the social development of Waterside alumni
• Promote summer opportunities, and academic enrichment for Waterside alumni



The College Success Scholarship Program (CSSP) helps enable Waterside graduates to attend the college of their choice by reducing the gap between offered financial aid packages and families’ reasonable ability to pay. The primary goal of the CSSP is to enable students to complete their degrees without having to incur an unmanageable burden of student debt. All Waterside Alumni attending or planning to attend college within the year are welcome to apply.  Inquire here.



Established in 2021 by Andres Soto ‘06, the Fund seeks to provide direct financial support to college-aged Waterside alums who are facing immediate hardship or unforeseen challenges.  The Fund provides a short-term bridge for those needing support and serves as a reminder of the strength of the Waterside family and the lasting connection all community members share with one another.  Looking forward, the hope is that other alums, in their success, will help to grow the Fund, allowing them to reach back to help others as they themselves were helped on their journeys to, through, and beyond Waterside.  Inquire here.



The Alumni Careers  Initiative(ACI) aims to ensure that all Waterside graduates enter adulthood with meaningful and fulfilling careers. Through internships, intentional programming, and a network of mentors, Waterside alumni can explore professional opportunities that build a foundation for career success.

For support with internships and/or job opportunities, Inquire here.

Megan Evans
Director of Placement, Alumni Support



Jonny Duennebier
Director of Alumni Programming and Support


Alumni Success