Waterside Class of 2009

Juan Velez

Providence College

  • When Juan Velez looks back at his time at Waterside, he remembers discovering a love of learning, a passion for mathematics, and a fierce interest in sports. “Waterside instilled a respect for learning that will always be with me. I have carried this with me for all of my life. Whether it is in the classroom, at work or on the field, Waterside taught me at a young age that if I respect learning as a whole, no matter what the topic is, I will succeed.”

    A two-sport varsity captain and the recipient of the Headmaster’s Award at St. Luke’s School, Juan attributes his persistence and dedication to his time at Waterside. He remembers his teachers telling him that dreams can and do come true- that hard work pays off, and to take advantage of every opportunity. Now a senior at Providence College, Juan has done just that. A Business Economics Major, Juan has held internships at Firecracker Sports Cumberland, and this coming summer he will work not one but two internships in finance before returning to Providence to complete his MBA. He also serves as the Public Relations Officer for the Organization for Latin American Students and is the Vice President of the Association of Professional Latinos for America in Providence. Juan notes that Waterside’s daily commitment – to work hard, be kind, and respect learning- not only influenced his work ethic, but shaped who he is at his core “It’s a lesson I’ve always carried with me, and one I’ll model to others at every step of my journey.”