Waterside Class of 2014

Danielle Nares

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • When Danielle Nares was in just third grade at Waterside, she declared her dream of attending college one day. Driven, determined and inquisitive from an early age, she excelled in every subject because she simply refused to give up. Now a senior at St. Luke’s School on the cusp of graduation, Danielle has honored her commitment to work hard, be kind, and respect learning in her every endeavor. Whether it was her STEM Scholar presentation on Prototyping an Economical Kidney-Perfusing Transport Device or her work as a volunteer EMT, Danielle continues to be a student who does it all. At St. Luke’s School’s recent awards ceremony, Danielle was presented with the prestigious Headmaster’s Award, which honors the senior who has “made unique contributions to St. Luke’s in ways that bring great credit to the school.” In bestowing this award, Head of School Mark Davis remarked: “Danielle is an academic powerhouse, but this award recognizes that she does more than perform brilliantly in the classroom: she’s also an empathetic friend and a quiet leader in our community. Over her 7 years at St. Luke’s, she has made an indelible impact.” This fall, Danielle will matriculate at UNC Chapel Hill, where she plans to major in the sciences. She generously credits Waterside with her many achievements: “After the way that Waterside has helped me and my peers reach for our dreams, I want to work with children in the future to be there as they reach for their own. Thank you Waterside for inspiring my current career goal of being a pediatrician. Wherever my future takes me, I will carry the Waterside “W” with pride.”