Waterside’s Technology Literacy program advances how students think about and use technology.  In addition to teaching practical digital skills, the program teaches students how to create, collaborate, innovate and share in a digital environment.  Adhering to the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) standards, students will learn how to participate in our digital world in a safe, positive, and productive manner.

Classroom Integration

With the provision of 1:1 devices in 1st-5th grades, Waterside students and teachers interact with educational technology on a daily basis through the use of learning management systems, digital design tools, enriching subject-specific apps, coding and robotics platforms.

Digital Citizenship

Emphasizing the importance of the principles of digital citizenship, Social Emotional Learning instruction is expanded to include digital interaction. Students learn to safely and positively share and comment on creations of their own and those of their peers and to interact online in a way that represents their own best selves.

Portrait of a Graduate

Upon completion of their time at Waterside, students will have extensive practice in the following areas:

Empowered Learning

Digital Citizenship

Knowledge Construction

Innovative Design

Computational Thinking

Creative Communication

Global Collaboration