The Arts are core to the Waterside experience.
Every student at Waterside participates in the full range of performing, visual, and digital arts, including music, studio arts, school musicals, and technology-based arts.

Visual Arts

The primary goal of the visual arts curriculum is to develop, expand, and enrich student experience, using a variety of materials, principles, techniques and vocabulary. Students are encouraged to apply critical thinking and personal experiences to the creative process as they develop the skills fundamental to growth and success.


Music is among the truest forms of communication and expression. Through the study of diverse music genres, students learn concepts of pitch, rhythm, melody, vocal production, dynamics, symbols, and listening skills. Students explore music through song and movement while examining how music as a means of expression for both an individual and a culture. Also examined is the powerful role that music has played in social movements throughout history. In fourth and fifth grades, students are given the option to begin learning a musical instrument. Learn more about our After School Jazz Band, the ‘Side Notes,' by clicking below.

Performing Arts

Learn more about our After School Program by clicking below.