Why Waterside?

Thank you for considering a career a Waterside. The School is a Pre-K through 5 independent school serving children and families without regard to limitations in income or circumstance. The School strives to instill in each student a belief in their own worth, to cultivate in each a commitment to academic excellence and to ensure the fullest development of every child’s character.

The Waterside Community

The Waterside School Community consists of 148 students. Eighty-three percent of the student body resides in the city of Stamford. The School’s diverse learning community consists of families who self-identify as African American (45%), Latino/Hispanic (37%), Multicultural American (11%), European American (4%) and Unsure (3%). The School currently employs 28 full-time faculty members, 90% of whom hold advanced degrees.

Search Efforts

Waterside School seeks passionate, talented and tireless educators deeply committed to mission; dedicated to providing educational equity; and committed to closing the gaps in achievement and opportunity for children of demonstrated need and promise. The successful candidate will be comfortable implementing engaging and innovative teaching practices and welcome the opportunity to collaborate in a purposeful community in pursuit of the School’s most noble mission. 


If interested in a faculty position at Waterside, resume and cover letter can be sent to Jamel Keels, Head of School.

Mr. Jamel Keels
770 Pacific Street
Stamford, CT 06902