The Annual Fund is the primary source of the School’s operating revenue and every contribution to the Fund has a profound impact on the life of the School and on the lives of those it serves.
The Annual Fund allows the school to be responsive, innovative and to take advantage of new opportunities. The Annual Fund is built into the School’s annual operating budget and currently offsets 93% of the School’s operating expenses while enhancing all aspects of the School’s curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular programming.

The Annual Fund helps to pay for everything from faculty salaries and professional development opportunities to new curriculum initiatives; from financial assistance programs to technology maintenance and upgrades; from keeping the lights on to nurturing both bodies and souls.  It allows the School to attract, retain and reward a talented and committed faculty and it provides support for activities, clubs, sports, the arts and other programs of value.  In short, as it provides for the School, it touches, shapes and enriches every life within.

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