Waterside Class of 2012

Kaitlyn Davis

Columbia University

  • Kaitlyn Davis is perhaps best known at Waterside for being our first female to play Division I basketball. However, to assume that Kaitlyn is “just a basketball player” is to overlook her many talents and interests. When Kaitlyn was at Waterside, she shined in the classroom as well as on the basketball court, which is why it was no surprise that she earned acceptance to Greenwich Academy and eventually Columbia University.

    During her time at Columbia, in addition to the 40 plus hours she spends practicing, training and competing for basketball, Kaitlyn has found time to create her own street wear brand called “Park East NYC.” With the goal to collaborate with artists to create designs that are representative of their art, her company doubles as an art blog to bring notice to underrepresented artists. She has also held internships at Onary, Foxrock Partners, and this year she will intern at Altrinsic Global Advisors as well as AMP, a platform that amplifies Black entrepreneurs. Kaitlyn credits her willingness to take risks to Waterside: “Waterside pushed me to try new things, even when I was scared. This shaped who I am and is a trait I carry with me today.”