Waterside Class of 2009

Tiler Wilson

Wesleyan University

  • Tiler Wilson has always been a creative spirit – at Waterside, he loved art, music, reading and writing.  “I first learned to express myself through art back in Ms. Armero’s art class – I’ll never forget how much beauty she packed into that tiny room!”  From Waterside, Tiler went on to excel at Rye Country Day, and- like so many of his Waterside peers – he gained others’ respect not only for his commitment to learning, but more so for his strength of character.  As a senior in high school, he received the prestigious Will McCurdy ‘05 Award, which goes to the student who best displays “courage, character and commitment.”

    A film and government double major at Wesleyan, Tiler’s love of storytelling through art led him to pursue a degree in film.  His coursework- as well as his job at the Oddfellows Playhouse in Middleton – solidified this passion.  Since graduating from Wesleyan, Tiler has pursued a career in production, working for a variety of companies including TransLash Media and QC Entertainment.  He is currently developing and producing a podcast about laws surrounding the Trans community, doing everything from research to casting to writing scripts.  He has dreams of transferring this skillset to the documentary filmmaking space; his goal, he explains, is “to do work that makes a meaningful difference in the world.”