Waterside Class of 2012

Pamela Jaramillo

Bard College

  • Ten years after graduating from Waterside School, Pamela Jaramillo, Waterside Class of 2012, says that the School will “always be my home.” Currently a junior at Bard College- where she has maintained an impressive 3.8 GPA- Pamela is majoring in Political Science with a concentration in Latin American Studies. Pamela recently secured a highly competitive internship with Senator Richard Blumenthal for this coming summer. She is looking forward to engaging in issues from immigration to gun control to civil rights during her time in Washington DC. Whether she was at St. Luke’s School, Bard College or working, Pamela notes that Waterside has been a north star for her, helping her stay on track and remember her goals:  “Through thick and thin, Waterside has supported and motivated me. As I continue to explore new opportunities, there is not a week that goes by in which I don’t reflect on how much of a role Waterside has played in my success.”