Waterside Class of 2011

Arianna Fleuriot

American University

  • When Arianna Fleuriot interviewed for an internship at Cowen this summer, the coordinator asked- without irony- when she finds time to sleep. “I’ve always been someone who likes to do it all,” Arianna says. “Even when I was at Waterside, I wanted to be part of every sport, every play, every activity, and that’s never changed.” Now a junior at American University, Arianna has taken advantage of every opportunity that a liberal arts education affords, majoring in communications and minoring in leadership and management.

    While she worked many jobs during and after high school, Arianna got her first official internship at KHL Consulting with one of Waterside’s most dedicated members of the Associate Board- Kaylie Hanson Long. There, Arianna did everything from designing website content to interfacing with clients, an experience that helped cement Arianna’s interest in communications. Ms. Long recalls Arianna’s dedication during her internship: “She’s a determined, brilliant young woman who will likely run the world one day, so watch out.” Arianna also serves as a student volunteer for the Democratic Party, is a member of the Phi Delta Alpha Law Fraternity, and is a leader of American University’s organization “Students for A Just Society.” This summer she is excited to expand her knowledge of communications and business at Cowen. Understanding the impact she can have on future generations, she hopes to pave the way for future Waterside alumni to participate in the internship program: “Whatever I do, I know I’m setting an example for others – so I better outwork every single person in that office from day one.”