Alumni Spotlight: Pamela Jaramillo ’12

Pamela Jaramillo, Class of 2012, continues to carry the “Waterside W” as she finishes her senior year at Bard College. This summer, Pamela was an intern for Senator Richard Blumenthal at his Washington D.C. office. She attended committee hearings and assisted staffers with policy memoranda concerning the U.S. housing problem and the crisis the post-DACA generation is currently facing. In addition, Pamela spent time sorting through appropriation bills for Connecticut towns and connecting with staffers prior to Congress being in session. Pamela’s opportunity in D.C. affirmed her career goals.

After leaving our nation’s capital, Pamela reached out to Waterside School to say a few words: 

“Working on the Hill was overwhelming in the best way possible,” said Pamela. “My time consisted of a fast-paced and a little bit of a cut-throat environment, but I loved the experience all the same. It was an honor to be able to serve the Republic. I truly could not have done it without Waterside, the place I will always call my home. I hope to continue to make you all proud and work hard, be kind, and respect learning.” 

Currently, Pamela is focused on finishing her time at Bard successfully. She is working towards a bachelor’s degree in Political Studies with a concentration in Latin American Studies. This year, she is captain of Bard’s women’s squash team––a passion she developed while attending Waterside’s summer program in its early stages at St. Luke’s––and is drafting her senior year thesis for publication. After graduation, Pamela hopes to work in judiciary policy and eventually apply to law school.