Alumni Spotlight: The Davis Twins

Waterside’s education provides foundational knowledge so that our students can excel upon graduating, and enter their next school with an innate drive for curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. However, Waterside is not just about what is learned in the classroom. Our entire curriculum includes athletics, STEM, and the arts, so our students are exposed to several hobbies and interests at a young age. For Kaitlyn and Olivia Davis, Class of 2012, that was basketball.

Kaitlyn and Olivia are known as Waterside’s first set of twins, our first alumni to be recruited for college, and well-rounded leaders. Since graduating from Waterside, Olivia and Kaitlyn have followed similar but different paths, each taking a journey suitable for them. 

Kaitlyn attended Greenwich Academy for middle and high school. Olivia attended Connecticut Friends School and joined Kaitlyn at GA for high school. Both girls developed new skills and hobbies while growing up, but their love for basketball began while attending Waterside School.



As their spring semesters began, the Davis twins reflected on how Waterside’s values helped them develop into the women they are today. Waterside’s education provides foundational knowledge and develops a unique fortitude in each student so they can excel upon graduating and enter their next school with a natural drive for curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. 


“We think we can do anything because Waterside helped us believe we can do anything,”

– Olivia Davis ’12


Eleven years later, Kaitlyn and Olivia are in the midst of their fourth successful season of college basketball. Kaitlyn plays for Columbia University and studies Psychology. Olivia is an Economics major with a minor in Anthropology and plays for Hamilton College. 

“Waterside instilled in us to leave anything better than you found it, and that continues to resonate with me,” Kaitlyn shared. “That motto helped me transition into college with how I present myself on and off the court. Waterside has not only given us connections to help us get where we are today, but also taught me how to conduct myself to be gracious and to seize every opportunity.” 

“One hundred percent, I agree with Kaitlyn,” said Olivia. “Waterside is not your typical elementary school. With sports, college, and working whenever we can, we have to be proactive, so we always carry ourselves with our best efforts.” 

We could not be more proud of Olivia and Kaitlyn for staying true to their Waterside values which promote the daily commitment to work hard, be kind, and respect learning. Kudos to the Davis twins and we hope to hear from them soon again as they take their next steps into adulthood.

On January 30, 2023, Kaitlyn Davis was named Ivy League Player of the Week in honor of making the first triple-double in Columbia women’s basketball program. This brought the Columbia Lions to victory against Dartmouth, ending the game at 79-50. Kaitlyn scored 19 points, 12 rebounds, and had a personal record of 10 assists in addition to four steals! 

This is Kaitlyn’s fifth time as Ivy League Player of the week during her college career. Congratulations, Kaitlyn, for achieving a historic moment for Columbia women’s basketball! Read more about Kaitlyn and Columbia’s game against Dartmouth on January 28 on the Columbia University Athletics website

Updated: February 2, 2023 9:10am.