A Heartfelt Thank You

On September 14th, 17 golfers played at The Blind Brook Club honoring Duncan Edwards for his leadership and life-changing impact on Waterside students and families at the Golf For Waterside event. From the participants and those who contributed to this event, over $1.6 million raised for the Duncan Edwards Alumni Endowment Fund. This most significant support will allow us to continue to provide for our alumni in the years ahead. To our co-chairs, participants and sponsors, it is with profound gratitude that we thank all for adding to this legacy. The entire School community is deeply indebted to all those listed below. 

Participants and Sponsors


Mr. Richard A. Axilrod

Mr. James W. Berger

Mr. Michael Bingle

Mr. James D. Carey*

Mr. Tobin T. Cobb*

Mr. Raymond Dalio

Mr. Jeffrey DiModica*

Mr. Jeffrey Dishner

Mr. Mark Dzialga*

Mr. Duncan Edwards*

Mr. Kevin Edwards*

Mr. Timothy Edwards*

Mr. George J. Fox

Mr. Paul Tudor Jones

Mr. Merrick R. Kleeman*

Mr. Jay Levine*

Mr. Stephen F. Mandel

Mr. Herbert H. McDade

Mr. Harold W. McGraw*

Mr. Matthew Miller

Mr. Robert S. Morris*

Mr. Thomas D. O’Malley

Mr. Barnett D. Osman*

Mr. Joseph Powers*

Mr. Mitch Rubin*

Mr. David Sachs*

Mr. Jake Sachs*

Mr. Barry S. Sternlicht

Mr. Scott M. Stuart

Mr. William Tyree*

Mr. Michael Vranos

Mr. Jeffrey Wilpon

Mr. Cameron Winklevoss

Mr. Tyler Winklevoss