A Lifelong Partnership: Community Spotlight on the Angelov Family

Every Waterside student who has walked through our doors knows Mr. Dino Angelov. He is more than our Director of Maintenance and Facilities––Dino is the longest serving staff member at Waterside, the father of two Waterside alums and a current Waterside student, and a caring husband to his wife Fiona. The Angelov family is a testament to the lifelong relationships that are formed between Waterside students, their family, and our faculty and staff.

Dino at Waterside, coaching School's first soccer team.

The Angelov family’s Waterside relationship began at our original location on 535 Fairfield Avenue, before their three children were even born! Dino became familiar with the School as it was preparing to open and joined the staff. Emilia ‘19, Maya ‘21, and Connor ‘24 were practically raised at the School. 

Angelov family in 2017 and 2023.“Not only has Waterside been with us through thick and thin,” Dino and Fiona shared. “They never stop their support for us and our children. It could be as simple as an email inviting us to a family night or checking up on our daughters. From the second our kids stepped through the doors, they have received constant support academically, socially, and emotionally.” 

Emilia is a tenth grade student at Greenwich Country Day School. Her sister, Maya, joined her at GCDS after graduating from Waterside––she’s now in eighth grade. Since graduating from the School, they have grown into the leaders we hope each student becomes by pursuing extracurriculars in and outside of school in addition to consistently performing well in their academics.

“Even as an alum, Waterside has stood by me for anything I may need,” Emilia said. 

In Emilia’s final year at the School, she was awarded the Kruger Cup – Waterside’s highest honor. During her graduation ceremony, our Founding Executive Director, Duncan Edwards, said of Emilia: “[She] leads by example; fearlessly, she tackles every new challenge; proudly, she always finds and gives her best; and, never does she not have the time, a smile, or a kind word for those around her. She has made our School a better place; her class a stronger class; and, in her every moment, she has made us proud.” 

Emilia Angelov, 2019 Graduation

Those characteristics have continued to grow as she received the Tiger Pride Award at this year’s GCDS Stepping Up ceremony, with many of the same attributes Mr. Edwards spoke about being recognized by the GCDS faculty.

Maya shared that the School provided her with a strong foundation for middle school. What remains closest to her heart is something our community works to instill in all our students since the passing of Associate Board Member Jeffrey Hammond Long––his lifelong motto, It’s Cool to be Nice.

Angelov Siblings, 2017 Run for Waterside

“It’s cool to be nice has stuck with me since leaving Waterside,” Maya shared. “It reminds me that giving the smallest compliment or talking to someone can make someone’s day.” 

Connor '24, posed by fifth grade pop art piece, 2023 The youngest Angelov, Connor, is a fifth grader at the School. He is known for his sportsmanship, creativity, and bright laughter that fills a classroom. As he prepares to graduate from Waterside, we are certain that the School’s goal to build great character, in addition to a strong foundation of academic success, will live on with him. 

“Being a Waterside student means to Work Hard, Be Kind, and Respect Learning,” Connor said. “You have to be a good friend no matter the grade level––fifth, third, or even junior kindergarten––you always have to be kind.” 

The Angelov family are just one of many who have benefited from the lifelong partnerships Waterside offers to our students and alumni. 


“We are truly blessed to have found this community and know that we will be lifelong members.”

– Dino & Fiona


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