Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition for the 2021-2022 school year is estimated to be $27,000. However, all Waterside accepted families receive financial aid, which is determined according to a family’s income and need. Once an offer of admission is made, parents will be informed regarding the steps in the financial aid process.

Financial aid is awarded to every family according to need, and once a tuition number has been determined the family receives an enrollment contract for that amount. The cost of attendance includes:

  • School tuition
  • Breakfast, lunch and snacks
  • Extended school day until 4 pm
  • All standardized testing
  • School uniform
    Boys will receive two navy v-neck sweaters with the Waterside logo
    as well as two shirts for PE
    Girls will receive two jumpers, two navy cardigans with the Waterside logo
    and two shirts for PE
  • ½ the cost of school field trips
  • Academic support services, including extra help, tutoring, speech and language therapy
  • Most clubs and after school activities
  • Parent Association Dues
  • ½ the cost of optional music lessons (violin, viola, piano)
  • Student and family support and counseling services
  • Parent Academy and other parent education program
  • For 5th graders: Saturday Academy from September through December in
    preparation for the Independent School Entrance Exam

NOT INCLUDED in tuition are the following:

  • School Yearbook
  • ½ the cost of all field trips
  • School supplies
  • Summer camp fee
  • ½ the cost of optional music lessons (violin, viola, piano)
  • Cost of child care during extended day (estimated $7.00 per day)
  • Additional Uniform Pieces (parents must purchase):
    Boys need: navy blue or khaki pants, white shirts (can be button down or
    shirts with collars), navy blue shorts for PE, navy blue socks, black
    or brown leather shoes, sneakers for PE

    Girls need: white blouses or polo shirts, navy blue shorts for PE, navy
    blue socks or tights, black or brown leather shoes, sneakers for PE

Parent Contract: In addition to the child’s enrollment contract, parents receive a two-page parent contract, which outlines what is expected of them as Waterside parents. When parents sign this contract, they are promising to fulfill their responsibilities to the best of their ability. When deciding whether or not to invite children back to Waterside each year, one of the main factors we consider is the degree to which their parents have upheld this promise.

Student Pledge: Included in the enrollment packet for students in Grades 2-5 will be the Waterside Student Pledge, which outlines what is expected of a child as a Waterside student. We ask that parents read through this carefully and in detail with their children as they are signing, and discuss how they can help their children keep the promises in this pledge.

Payment Plans: Waterside School strives to make tuition affordable for parents, and to arrange a payment plan that works for every family. Some parents pay in one lump sum and others in two lump sums, while some pay monthly and others every two weeks. The financial aid coordinator is always available to assist parents in establishing and sticking to a plan that will be most helpful in their circumstances.