WPC Waterside Parent Council

Waterside School is blessed with a highly active, committed, enthusiastic Parent Association (called the Parent Council), who through their volunteer efforts, make a major contribution to the life of the school. All Waterside parents are automatically members of the Parents Association, and are always welcome at all Parent Association Meetings, events and activities.

While all Waterside parents are involved, each year, a group of parents agree to act as Parent Council Officers, representing the entire parent body, and helping to organize the various events and activities of the school year. Following is a list of the Parent Council roles and responsibilities:


  • Represents all the parents at Waterside School, and makes an effort to get to know as many parents as possible
  • Communicates regularly with Mrs. Visage about parent concerns and issues
  • Helps parents understand what is expected of Waterside parents and how they can help their children be successful students
  • Creates the agenda for and leads the monthly Parent Council meetings
  • Helps find committee chairs for our various events and oversees event planning committees to make sure all jobs are getting done
  • Oversees event-planning committees, and communicates with other committee leaders to make sure all jobs are getting done
  • Speaks from time to time on behalf of the parents at various school events and at Admission Open House


  • Shares the President's duties and works closely with the parents
  • Fills in for the President when he or she is unable to be present at a meeting or an event

Finance Officer

  • This is a multi-year position
  • Helps organize parent fund-raisers
  • Keeps track of the money the Parent Association has raised and spent
  • Gives a monthly financial report at each meeting
  • Helps establish a budget for various Parent Council events

Breakfast and Lunch Coordinator

  • Organizes and signs up parents to serve and supervise at breakfast and to help serve at the two different lunch periods throughout the year
  • Confirms each week with the people who have signed up, to make sure they are still able to come, and if someone is not able, finds a substitute

Recording Secretary

  • This important position assures communication between the Parent Council and all the Waterside Parents. This person takes notes at the monthly meetings, writes them up, and sends them to Mrs. Visage to distribute to all parents through email.

Class Parents

  • Two are needed in each class Grade 1-5 and three are needed in Kindergarten and Junior Kindergarten
  • Works closely with your child's teachers throughout the year to plan class events, trips, parties, etc. and helping teachers whenever needed
  • Is regularly called upon to make phone calls to all the parents in the class
  • Is responsible for finding ways to get every parent in the child's class involved in some way during the school year