Celebrating Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month

For the past four weeks, Waterside’s community celebrated National Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month. During this time, we honored our students’ and families’ cultures, our faculty’s identities, and the rich history of Hispanic and Latinx figures in the U.S. 

Each grade learned more about Hispanic and Latinx cultures in their own ways. From student presentations to bilingual read-alouds and transforming our bulletin boards to represent historic Hispanic and Latinx figures, our community has taken advantage of this dedicated time by reflecting and encouraging self-expression.

As this month comes to a close, we commemorate the work and dedication of our students, and acknowledge that the end of this month does not mean we stop celebrating our community for who they are. Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month is more than a celebration, it is a time to spread love. 

We’re happy to share these photos, displaying the work that our students did to learn more about themselves, their peers, and different cultures.