Waterside Summer Program 2022

Waterside has designed its year to include a month of education during July in order to extend learning opportunities for our students. The Summer Program kicked off on July 5th and featured 36 high-school aged alumni in leadership positions. It was an invigorating summer full of both fun and learning and we were excited to see sports like field hockey and golf incorporated into each grade’s summer curriculum. 

Our current Waterside students loved working with the alumni counselors, who supported faculty members in teaching and overseeing field trips and class activities. It was particularly powerful for current students to see success modeled by the alumni. Throughout the summer, counselors were able to further develop their leadership and public speaking skills while helping mold the next generation of Waterside scholars.

Students celebrated the end of a successful summer by having a friendly color war against their peers. Over the course of one week, students were split into three teams: Red, Blue, and Green. Students earned points for their teams by accomplishing their work in class and being stellar teammates!

It’s not easy to spend a month of the summer at school, but our community knows that an extended school year is part of what makes Waterside work. The Summer Program continues to cultivate academic excellence throughout the month of July, so our students enter the school year empowered and ready to move forward.