Alumni Spotlight: Hunter Austrie ’14

Waterside is known for having outstanding alumni as a result of their foundational education at the School. Hunter Austrie, Class of 2014, is an exceptional Waterside alum majoring in sports management at the University of Connecticut. 

After graduating, Hunter attended Rectory School until ninth grade, Woodstock Academy for his sophomore year, and completed his last two years of high school at Greenwich Country Day School. While at GCDS, he helped found their basketball club his junior year to meet new students and build a supportive community. By founding this club, Hunter practiced his leadership skills when his junior year transitioned to virtual learning by hosting Zoom meetings for his new community to stay engaged.

Community engagement is an important part of Hunter’s life; nine years on, he remains a vital member of Waterside’s alumni community––attending the annual Alumni BBQ, volunteering during his school breaks, and even serving as co-head counselor for the 2022 Summer Program.


“The friendships I’ve kept since kindergarten are incredible,” Hunter shared. “Waterside supported me in applying to secondary schools, helping me with financial aid, job opportunities, and continues to help me be my best self academically and professionally…Waterside is my whole foundation. I am who I am now because of Waterside.” 

During his fall semester, Hunter enjoyed taking sociology, which helped educate him on a global level by focusing on the macro and micro aspects of people and society. This semester, Hunter hopes to grow socially at Storrs by joining the sports management club and becoming more involved in student life. Currently, Hunter is in his sophomore year, focusing on success by caring for himself and constantly striving for greatness––a trait he attributes to his education at Waterside.

“You don’t notice it when you’re young, but the small things like tucking in your shirt so your uniform looks presentable or putting in your best effort so you can wear a homework star with pride helps you be your best self,” said Hunter. “Always trying to be my best self is something that has stuck with me from Waterside’s culture.”

When Hunter is home for breaks throughout the school year, he finds himself returning to Waterside as a volunteer. 

“When I come back, my goal is to make the environment as positive and as fun as possible while maintaining the focused Waterside mindset,” Hunter said. 

This is not a simple task, but Hunter has gained incredible class management experience as co-head counselor at Waterside’s summer program. He taught a class with co-head counselor Reyana Lappots ‘14 titled “Project Challenge.” They took a creative approach to introduce physics and engineering to all grade levels by building new objects out of ordinary materials. 

“As a head counselor, it was a new experience maintaining classes,” said Hunter. “It was a little difficult being creative and avoiding repetition, but I enjoyed taking on this leadership role and the responsibility to teach students every day.” 

It is inspiring that Hunter continues to give back to his Waterside community since becoming an alum, especially by taking on such an important role in our summer program. Hunter looks forward to graduating from UConn in the next two years, and his dream is to work at ESPN. 

Kudos on all your hard work and endeavors, Hunter! We are so proud to have you as an alum.