Alumni Spotlight: Lexi DuPree ’10

Waterside is known for having outstanding alumni due to their foundational education at the School. Lexi DuPree, Class of 2010, graduated Magna Cum Laude from Clark Atlanta University in 2021 with a major in Elementary Education.  She currently works as a teacher at a school with a similar mission to Waterside in Atlanta, Georgia and will begin graduate school this summer to pursue a Masters in Elementary Education.

After graduating from the School, Lexi attended St. Luke’s in New Canaan, CT, where she was able to experience many new opportunities. Lexi’s decision to study Elementary Education stemmed from her love for learning which began at Waterside and the teachers that impacted her life.

“What remains with me from Waterside is the commitment to excellence in all that I do, and always to pay it forward––which [Founding Executive Director] Mr. Edwards spoke of often,” said Lexi.

While attending Waterside, and with her parents’ support, Lexi learned self-respect, integrity, and appreciation in a culture of respect in and outside of school at a young age. These values transcended during Lexi’s undergraduate years. She was an active community member academically and socially. Lexi was a part of CAU’s National Association of Colored Women (NACC), the National Student Leadership Society, Educating Youth Everywhere, Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society, and continues to be an active member in Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

“I find myself repeating things that I heard my mother, mentor, and teachers said to me. I know they truly cared about me and my success as a student, and I wanted to be just like them. In college, I chose Elementary Education as my major because I wanted to be a part of not only change, but a part of the solution as well. I wanted to encourage my community through civic engagement that would benefit our society.”

Lexi DuPree ’10

Lexi’s activism and social justice efforts as an educator are inspirational. She shared advice from her Waterside experience to current and future students at Waterside School:

“I always focused on a sign that hung in Head of School Mrs. Visage’s office: ‘Only those who can see the Invisible can do the Impossible.’” said Lexi. “Living by this and the daily commitment is my message to current and future Waterside students. If you embody the commitment, you will go far in life, and never ever forget your roots.”

It is evident that Lexi remains dedicated to Waterside’s promise to Work Hard, Be Kind, and Respect Learning. Waterside is proud to have Lexi as an alumna that is a leader of tomorrow.