Alumni Spotlight: The Ramos Siblings

Waterside is known for having accomplished alumni due to their foundational education and the support they receive post-graduation from the School. Today, we’d like for you to meet Chris and Clea Ramos.

Father, Pablo Ramos, on left, Chris Ramos ’13 in center, and younger sister Clea Ramos ’14 on right.

After graduating from Waterside in 2013, Chris attended Brunswick School and graduated in 2020. For many graduating high school students that year, transitioning to a four-year college was difficult, so Chris continued his education online while working in Stamford. 

Chris discovered the digital learning environment is not his ideal fit, so he pivoted and enlisted in the US Navy. Currently, Chris is stationed in Norfolk, VA, where he works on technical maintenance. His main priority is working with radar communications and weapons systems. After serving our nation for six years, Chris plans to get his undergraduate degree.

“There really is no place like Waterside. From its education to the community, and the administration and teachers that work here, I don’t want to forget what Waterside gave to me––an opportunity.” 

-Chris Ramos, Class of 2013

Chris recently spent a week volunteering at Waterside with our second grade class. He was able to reconnect with past teachers, new faculty, and work with students on math and writing.

Clea Ramos, Class of 2014, recently completed her sophomore year at Bucknell University. She graduated from Greenwich Academy in 2021, and is pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering, while working towards a double minor in Math and Studio Art.

In her sophomore year, Clea has been more involved in student life to experience the different communities at Bucknell, something she cherished from a young age as a Waterside student. She has joined APIDA, an Asian-American organization on campus, and had a role in organizing this year’s Asian Gala. In addition, she was a Garmen Guide to help first-year engineering students transition into the program and she facilitated a study group for Computer Engineering 101. She is also a member of the Institute for Electronics and Electrical Engineers (IEEE) to help plan events to bring the department closer.

“Waterside’s close community made me realize that is what I want in life, so wherever I go, I try to create a sense of community in my life,” said Clea. “Waterside is a family that will take care of you from the moment you get there to the moment you graduate and beyond. I wouldn’t be where I am without Waterside.” 

This summer, Clea is working at Flowcode, a software company that creates QR codes, on their software and design team. She obtained this opportunity through Waterside’s Alumni Careers Initiative. She hopes to go into web design by the time she graduates from Bucknell in addition to continuing her learning journey by finding interests outside of her academic responsibilities and creating new projects to work on independently.