The Lion King, Jr.

On May 24, students in third through fifth grade performed “The Lion King, Jr.” for Waterside’s 2023 spring musical. It was the first musical since 2019.  

Musical Director and fifth-grade teacher, Liz Duennebier, worked with an excellent team of faculty and staff to guide the cast and crew to tell this story to the Waterside community. 

“I can think of no better story for this moment – a story of the power of forgiveness, the importance of true friendship, and the beauty of coming home,” said Mrs. Duennebier. “And, I can think of no better people to tell it than this group of children.” 

Since November, the musical team has worked on perfecting their lines and choreography in addition to creating several set designs to capture the setting of the Pridelands. Whether on stage or backstage, students, faculty, and staff worked with determination to make this performance one to remember. 

Leading up to their first performance on Wednesday morning, student performers and stage crew were buzzing while going through costume and makeup. They were finally ready to show the School’s student body what they have been working on for the entire school year after months of hard work. 


“The way [the students] have trusted so completely and given themselves so fully to this story has filled my soul week after week,” Mrs. Duennebier continued. “It is their bravery, their humor, and their heart that you see reflected in [their] characters.” 

Special thanks to Jonny and Liz Duennebier, Terri Gordon, Mike Bazelais, and Jessica Chang for leading Waterside’s stars; Dino Angelov for transforming the gym into our performance arts center; and to all the parent volunteers and families who continue to support their children at Waterside School.