Alumni Spotlight: Zion Profit

Waterside is known for having accomplished alumni due to their foundational education and the support they receive post-graduation from the School. Today, we’d like you to meet Zion Profit, Class of 2015! Zion is a recent graduate of St. Luke’s School and will be joining the University of New England in Maine this fall. 

Zion remembered how strong the Waterside community was while he was a student at the School. “My Waterside experience could be summed up in one word––community,” said Zion. “Some of my best friends are people I went to school with, and I know they’ll always have my back. If someone feels like they don’t have anyone, then I have their back.”

After graduating fifth grade, he played baseball for most of his life and quickly developed a love for football at St. Luke’s. In addition, he is passionate about entrepreneurship, music, and social justice work. At St. Luke’s, he picked up the trumpet and participated in social justice clubs on campus. Outside of school, Zion began a podcast with fellow Waterside alum Carl Coridon ‘15. 

Zion presenting his organic sports drink at the 2013 Science Fair.

Zion also noted that Waterside was the place where his love for learning blossomed––the School was lucky enough to have him on campus working with our students throughout the spring semester. “I wanted more experience in the school system,” Zion shared. “I also wanted to show the students, as one of the younger Waterside alums, how quickly the years go by, and to guide them in believing in themselves.” 

In March, Zion gave Waterside’s community a gift from the heart at this year’s Joy Fest, a version of Nas’ “I Can.” The song was rewritten to apply the School’s values and to inspire students to pursue their biggest dreams. 

As the summer begins, Zion will be preparing for his first year of college. He hopes to successfully complete this year’s football season with good health and to join as many clubs and communities as he can while balancing his academics as a student athlete. Before leaving, Zion will be working at Waterside’s Summer Program, teaching Music Tech as a Camp Specialist. 

“One piece of advice I’d give to Waterside students is the daily commitment,” Zion said. “It doesn’t stop after Waterside. You have to work hard, be kind, and respect learning throughout life. When you realize those three things are central, you learn to be successful.”  

Zion is a true Waterside leader. His presence in our School has positively impacted students in each grade. We look forward to cheering him on as he pursues a Master’s of Social Work at UNE.