A Lifelong Partnership: Community Spotlight on the Profit Family

Giving Tuesday has begun—a generous donor has offered to match all donations made today, so your gift is doubled! A key part of what makes a Waterside education so transformational is the lifelong relationships formed between students, their families, and our faculty and staff. The Profit Family shows how these lifelong relationships can impact so many members of one family. 

The Profit Family joined Waterside when their eldest son, Zaire ‘14 started Kindergarten. His siblings, Zion ‘15 and Nailah ‘17, soon followed. Their youngest son, Brayden is now in Junior Kindergarten. 

Nakayra Profit reflected on what Waterside has meant to her family:

“Waterside has been a safe space, a home away from home, and a great source of direction and information. My husband, my children, and myself have developed trusting relationships with the staff at the school, leaning on them during times of hardship, even throughout the college planning process. My family can never question Waterside’s dedication to those who enter their doors, even beyond graduation. We are blessed. Waterside is a family.”

The three eldest Profit siblings agree that the School’s Daily Commitment to Work Hard, Be Kind, and Respect Learning is one of their key takeaways from their time on campus, especially because their mother continues to repeat it to them even today. As a member of our youngest class, Brayden already knew the importance of these words, sharing that one of his favorite parts of the day is when he gets to say the Daily Commitment. 


My brothers and sister went to Waterside when they were little.
They told me so much about it. I love it too.”
– Brayden Profit

Profit siblings at Waterside

Zaire, who currently works at the Carver Center in Norwalk, said, “It was not until I was able to see what life outside of Waterside was like that I could truly grasp how special it was. I developed a love for learning, love for community, and love for growth, and Waterside set that foundation for me.”

Zion '15 and Brayden '30

Zion visiting Brayden’s JK class while on Thanksgiving Break

Zion graduated from St. Luke’s in December 2022, and worked for a semester at Waterside before going to University of New England (UNE). He was a joyful presence on campus, and even rewrote the lyrics to rapper Nas’ “I Can” for Waterside students to perform during February’s Joy Fest.

When asked why he wanted to work at Waterside between high school and college, he said, “I wanted to show the younger kids how quickly the years go by and to guide them in believing in themselves.”

Nailah is now going through the college application process and shared “Waterside simply shows up. They are always there. They always want to know where we are in life, how we are doing, and how they can help. They have popped up at school, we see them at functions, and they check in when they hear anything about us.” 

The Profits are just one of many families with a lifelong relationship with Waterside. We are able to support our students and their families as they grow thanks to the backbone provided by the School’s Annual Fund. Please make a gift today.