The Waterside Difference: Student Partnerships

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Fourth and First Math BuddiesCollaborations across grade levels begin while students are at Waterside. Our younger students thrive by learning from their older peers who serve as role models. Each upper grade class partners with a lower grade for academic activities. This year, fourth grade has been paired with first grade – both classes have double sections. 

So far this fall, our fourth-grade leaders have served as invaluable models to the first-grade students as they are learning to count to 20. During this year’s Thanksgiving Feast, the gym was decorated with student work the math buddies made together. 

“I liked this activity because we got to add up to 20,” a first grader shared. “We got to count together, cut the turkey, and color. I think fourth grade buddies are fun because we get to spend time with our friends and make new friends.”

Fourth-grade teacher Sofia Alano shared that she has seen her students develop their leadership skills thanks to their work with the first graders: 

“The partnership between older and younger grades is where the wisdom of experience meets the boundless curiosity of early learners. This dynamic interaction creates a rich learning environment, fostering collaboration, leadership skills, empathy, and a collective journey towards knowledge and personal development within Waterside’s educational community.”

Waterside’s small class sizes allow for collaborations between different ages, providing a unique elementary experience and promoting character building. This would not be possible without Waterside’s Annual Fund, the backbone of the School. 

Student tuition makes up just 5% of our Annual Fund, while the rest comes from generous donors.
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