A Lifelong Partnership: Community Spotlight on the Coridon Family

The Coridon family joined Waterside in 2009, when Carl ‘15 enrolled as a kindergarten student. His younger siblings, Jaden ‘21 and Chloe ‘23, attended the School as junior kindergarteners and all three enrolled at Greens Farms Academy (GFA) after graduating. Each family member reflected on their experience with Waterside––as students, alumni, and parents.

Carl with fellow alums interning at Altrinsic

Carl recently completed his sophomore fall semester at Villanova University; but Waterside is never far from his mind. He noted the support he received from the Alumni Team during the college application process. During College Boot Camp, “we were able to learn how to craft a personal essay, the nuances of financial aid, and how to begin creating a resume.”

This summer, he served as a Specialist in PE at Waterside’s Summer Program, and had a paid internship at Altrinsic which he obtained by participating in the Alumni Careers Initiative. Carl says that the community he formed while at Waterside is a key part of his connection to the School.

“I forged bonds with friends that I am still in touch with to this day. My grade in particular feels almost like a family. Waterside is part of my identity. It’s not just a school––it’s a community that shaped my formative years and provided me with the foundation and values that have guided me through life.”

Jaden, currently in the eighth grade at GFA, received Waterside School’s highest honor, the Kruger Cup, at his graduation ceremony. He shared that his Waterside experience prepared him well for middle school. “Every teacher went out of their way to make sure every student had the best learning experience possible,” he said. “In addition, regardless of how well someone did on something, they sought improvement for everyone.”

Jaden receiving the Kruger Cup at Waterside’s 2021 graduation ceremony

He strives to excel by staying on top of his grades at GFA in addition to staying active on their soccer and basketball teams. Jaden continues to maintain strong connections with Waterside through  events like Men of Waterside gatherings.

Chloe and Sofia C., 2023 Run for Waterside

Chloe with fellow alum at the 2023 Run for Waterside

During her last year at Waterside, Chloe was selected to represent our student body to prospective applicants at the 2022 Open House. She echoed Carl when reflecting on how community has been formed at Waterside: “From events like the Holiday Concert, Acoustic Night, and International Festival, there are so many ways for the Waterside community to come together.”

As a member of our youngest class of alumni, Chloe also shared how the School continues to support her, always offering a safe space––a second home––to come back to.

Their mother, Marie, shared the impact Waterside has had on their family as a whole:
“There is a unique bond that transcends the typical student-school relationship. It involves not only the students, but also the parents, teachers, and staff…participating in Waterside’s community means being part of a support system that celebrates achievements and provides comfort during challenges. Whether it’s the joy of seeing former classmates at Alumni events or the reassurance of knowing the School remains a constant presence in the lives of graduates, the sense of community is enduring.”


The Waterside Difference is the lifelong partnership formed with our alumni and their families. They are a vital part of our community and remain connected long after they graduate from the School. Waterside is able to maintain these strong relationships thanks to the Annual Fund, the backbone of the School. 

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