A Lifelong Partnership: Alumni Spotlight on Steve Paul ’17

Steve Paul ‘17 is a senior at Greenwich Country Day School (GCDS) and recently committed to run track at Wesleyan University next year, as a member of their track team. He is the first member of the Class of 2017 to finalize his college decision.

Steve looks forward to continuing to take advantage of everything there is to offer at GCDS in his senior year. He is a member of the Engineering Diploma Program, captain of the track team, and he is heavily involved in social justice work––a passion that has followed him since middle school. Last year, Steve represented GCDS at the National Association of Independent School Student Diversity Leadership Conference.

Alumni and Faculty at 2022 NAIS SDLC

Steve Paul and GCDS classmates with Waterside Faculty members Mike Bazelais ’08 and Terri Ann Gordon

“Work Hard, Be Kind, and Respect Learning has stuck with me the most beyond my time at Waterside. Each day, I ask myself if I am upholding this motto. Being at Waterside for seven years really ingrained the values of those words. It serves as a constant reminder for me to keep being the best student and overall person I can possibly be.” 

Steve Paul GCDS Track

Steve running for GCDS Track & Field

While going through the college admissions process, Steve accessed resources offered by our Alumni Team. During this summer’s College Boot Camp, he completed the majority of his Common Application. He shared that by the time school came around, he was thoroughly prepared, especially as he planned to commit to a school for track and field.

“Waterside and Mrs. Evans have supported me greatly throughout the college process,” he said. “Waterside offered me free SAT tutoring classes which helped me substantially. Having a weekly tutor was something I benefited from heavily.” 

Steve as a Waterside student

In 2011, Steve joined Waterside as a kindergarten student and has been a valuable member of the community ever since. He remains connected to our current students as a Summer Program counselor and serves as a mentor in the recently created Alumni Mentorship Program.

Steve looks forward to the opportunities Wesleyan offers him with its open curriculum. Currently, he is leaning toward studying Economics or Psychology as his major. He is excited to meet new people, form new friendships, become a part of Wesleyan’s track team, and gain new experiences with the independence college provides.

“I chose Wesleyan because of the amazing atmosphere I felt when I visited the campus––everyone was so welcoming, diverse, and friendly,” Steve shared. “A sense of community is an aspect I prioritized when finding a potential school because I love feeling at home and connected with everyone around me as I did at Waterside and GCDS.” 


The Waterside Difference is the lifelong partnership we form with our students as they become adults.
Waterside can provide our alumni with programs like College Boot Camp thanks to our Annual Fund, the backbone of the School.

“Waterside’s community is like no other. The community I met there is always there to help me through all transitions of life––from going to
middle school to providing me with my first summer job and helping me through college applications. Waterside forever serves as a
support system for me, a place I can always rely on to help me with whatever I may need.”
– Steve Paul ’17

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